IOM facilitates capacity-building trainings for stakeholders and ‘non-child protection specialized’ first responders as well as workshops for child protection authorities and state authorities. The aim is to ensure standards and that the humanitarian principle ‘do no harm’ are taken into consideration in every case.

IOM Budapest in cooperation with the Cordelia Foundation, the National Police and the Office of Immigration and Asylum (OIA) with experts from UNHCR and the Home of Unaccompanied Children in Fót organized four trainings around children’s rights and vulnerabilities of migrant children for first responder police and border guard professionals as well as OIA professionals in the course of the summer. Identification of traumas, having a better understanding about intercultural differences, steps towards a more child-friendly procedure and the assessment of children’s best interests were among the discussed topics. 

Capacity-building trainings are expected to be continued in the fall. Learn more about the previous trainings below: 

26th July, 2017​ - Budapest

13th July, 2017 - Szeged

29th June, 2017 - Kiskunhalas

28th June, 2017 - Budapest





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