Counselling and child-friendly materials

1. Counselling

One of the main activities of IOM’s Protection of children in the context of the current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe project is to provide regularly psychosocial support and in facilities where migrant children (unaccompanied and those with their families) reside.

Children, often traumatized by the long, exhausting and dangerous journey, arrive to a country where they do not have any knowledge of national migration and asylum systems. They are not aware of their rights and responsibilities, and their different options.

IOM colleagues are visiting four facilities in Hungary on a weekly basis in order to provide direct support and information to migrant children. 

The four facilities are the following:

  • Home of Unaccompanied Children in Fót
  • Vámosszabadi Reception Centre
  • Transit zone in Röszke
  • Transit zone in Tompa


IOM Budapest also operates a toll-free hotline, which is available in 9 languages:


For more information on the toll-free hotline availability, please click here.

2. Child-friendly materials

During counselling visits child-friendly information materials are being distributed. Poster and pocket-sized leaflets inform children of their rights and responsibilities, the main steps of the asylum procedure and the available (legal and other) services.

For Hungary-specific child-friendly materials in different languages, please click on the flags on the right.

You can find other country-specific child-friendly information materials in several languages on the following links:



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