Data collection


IOM has assessed that the lack of reliable, systematized data on children, shared among EU member states is a clear obstacle to providing effective protection of this vulnerable group. These data would be instrumental in order to support relocation, family reunification, and missing children cases.

Within the frame of this child protection project, IOM Budapest proposed to develop a separate child-specific module to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) questionnaire. The module focuses primarily on children’s subjective well-being (issues covered e.g.: accommodation conditions, languages difficulties, peer-relationships, subjective health, education).

Data collection is ongoing in the following project countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.

IOM Budapest staff is regularly visiting facilities to interview children in

  1. Transit zone in Röszke
  2. Transit zone in Tompa  


To read IOM's Analysis: Flow Monitoring Surveys Child Specific Module, please click here

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