Family Reunification

Please note that the family reunification project ended on 30th June 2018 and it is no longer available. 


IOM Assistance


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has a network of over 480 offices in more than 150 countries. IOM Budapest can assist recognized refugees and persons under subsidiary protection in Hungary.

It is to be noted that IOM’s assistance will not have any direct effect on the result of the family reunification procedure. IOM cannot guarantee a positive decision on the part of the Hungarian Authorities.


   I.      Information and counseling

In the framework of the project IOM Budapest will provide relevant and up-to-date information available in various languages about the family reunification and integration process. The information – online, via phone or personally – will be available for the applicants located in Hungary and their family members located in third countries in each phase of the family reunification process.

This consultation service offers assistance for individual family reunification cases. You can consult IOM Budapest personally, by e-mail or by phone from Monday to Thursday between 9:30 and 17:30 and on Friday between 9:30 and 15:00 regarding family reunification. Before visiting the office an appointment has to be set via e-mail or phone.


   II.      Assistance with the application process

The applicant and the family members will be requested to manage and also pay for their own application process as much as they are able to. IOM will provide advice and assistance at each step of the process as it is necessary and as it allowed by the project budget. IOM Budapest can provide support with the following:

  • Help establish contact with the family members. If necessary, IOM will request the assistance of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), the Red Cross, and the local IOM offices to trace the family members in the countries of origin

  • Conduct an interview with the family members to assess their situation. Based on the interview the project staff will determine the next steps of the process
  • Identify local service providers to address the immediate needs of the family members
  • Assist with acquiring missing documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption certificate, any other official document or statement which verifies the existence of the family tie, any other document)
  • Assist with completing the application form and put together the application package
  • Assist with acquiring an official translation of the documents to Hungarian
  • Organize DNA testing to prove family ties if necessary.
  • Help with acquiring travel documents and visas in order to enable the family members to travel from their country of origin or residence to the responsible embassy or consulate
  • Help with setting an appointment with the competent embassy and consulate
  • Travel assistance to the family members from the country of origin or residence to the competent embassy or consulate
  • Help with submitting additional information if requested by the Hungarian authorities
  • Assist with submitting an appeal if the application is rejected


   III.      Logistical support

This type of assistance will primarily be offered on a self-payer basis. In a few cases financial assistance will be offered by the project as allowed by the budget. IOM Budapest will provide support in the followings:

  • Organize a fit-to-travel medical examination for the family members to identify any special needs
  • Provide escort or medical escort  if necessary
  • Travel assistance to the family members to Hungary
  • Departure, transit and arrival assistance
  • Onward transportation in Hungary to the place of residence


   IV.      Initiating the integration process

The project will facilitate the first steps of the integration process.

  • Post-arrival orientation will be organized for the applicant and the family members to ensure that they are all aware of their obligations and also of the services which are available to them in Hungary


Requesting IOM Assistance

Please note that in order to request the assistance of IOM an Application Form must be submitted in person or online.



Please contact IOM Budapest office for an appointment before visiting the office via e-mail at or call +36 1 472 2500 (Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 17:30 and Friday from 9:30 to 15:00)


Please note that the family reunification project ended on 30th June 2018 and it is no longer available. 


For the Practical Guidance note please click here


This project is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior (MoI)