Family Reunification - Frequently Asked Questions

Can IOM provide funding?

Assistance will primarily be offered on a self-payer basis. In a few cases financial assistance will be offered by the project as it is necessary and allowed by the budget. The project is financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and co-financed by the Hungarian Government.


Can IOM travel with a young child?

Children under 6 years old are required to travel with an adult to escort on most airlines. Whenever possible, the child should travel with relatives or care takers. If this is not possible IOM can arrange an escort.


Can IOM provide medical assistance?

IOM can arrange appointments with physicians and medical escorts. IOM can arrange fit-to-travel medical examination before travel.


Can we use IOM assistance if we book our own tickets?

Escorts, pre-departure, transit and post-arrival assistance can only be offered when IOM arranges the tickets.


Can IOM provide assistance at the transit airport only?

IOM can only provide assistance at the airports when IOM arranges the tickets. This is the only way for IOM to track the flights and guarantee the right tickets are booked, any required visas are arranged, and family members will be able to board the flights.